Crypto Currencies

Any currency traded without being touched by a hand is digitized or encrypted until it is dealt with materially, and with the great technological development that accompanied the advent of the Internet there has been a boom in financial transactions. The need for unconventional means of exchanging money and completing transactions has emerged the digital or encrypted currencies, and with great success has already been listed to be traded on the stock exchanges, and investment in digital currencies makes fantastic gains, followed by emergence of the emergence of many other digital currencies, which its future is now questioned, and the extent of success Which can be reached. Can it exceed the success of the composition? Many questions about the feasibility of investing in digital currencies, and the best plans for success, profit and wealth, new currencies with a promising future, we will recognize them together.

  • Why do many people prefer to deal with digital currencies?
  • What is the blockage and how it works?
  • What are the best digital currencies to invest?
  • The currency of the Etherium, the currency of the ripple, the currency of the Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, the currency of New Cardano (new digital currencies), is the future of investment in digital currencies?
  • Actual Market Values for Some Monroe Currency, New Coin 6.3 Currency, Cardona Coin, Ripple Currency Why many prefer dealing in digital currencies?

Digital currency is characterized as decentralized and does not belong to a particular State but to all without distinction, and no State controls the strength and size of their production, but what governs her work known as the chain blocks or blockchain. What is Blockchain and how does it work? It's an electronic portfolio, the user can receive all digital currency deposits, exercised through investing in different digital currency, all online transactions are secure impenetrable high under any circumstance, also from the advantages of investing in digital currencies Speed in completing the transfer of funds where it is done in just a few seconds compared to traditional banks might take money transfer and completion of transactions in several days. Money transfer expenses are almost non-existent, the funds are transferred his hood almost free of cost. Transparent method which is made by financial transactions to ensure their full protection with freedom of trade is not following a Central Bank, and all transactions are public, and therefore no way to penetrate or try to manipulate them.

The best digital currency for investment is the Bitcoin currency, the world's No. 1 digital currency, the highest market value, the most popular and has achieved an unprecedented number against the dollar. The debut was first introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and is still the leader in digital currencies so far. The Etherium coin comes second in the world after being developed by Russia's Vitalik Putrin, a software engineer. It is a digital currency and a decentralized platform which is considered very important. Microsoft has adopted the Etherium platform as offering a range of solutions via applications without the need for server.

Ripple Currency, this digital currency emerged in 2013, and was able to hold the third position in the world, it is advantageous that it works to support traditional banks, so it is expected to replace traditional banks soon, and a boom in banking transactions fast and safe. The LTC coin, produced by Charlie in 2011, is one of Google's employees, thinking it would be a niche, although it has achieved some success but has not lived up to the level of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is a division of the Bitcoin currency. It was last year to reduce the time spent in digital currency transactions. It was ranked 4th in the world after the first place in the world, followed by Etherium in second place and the Ripple in third place. Cardano's currency Despite its recent presence in the digital currency market, has proven its presence among the top 10 digital currencies by market value. Cardano introduced a distinguished group of developers who have developed a specific business plan to create and develop a sophisticated and intelligent contract platform, The above. The new currency is the Chinese version of the Etherium coin, which was created by programmers from China, with a talk to China, while Etherium is operating worldwide, with a market value of 7.8 billion dollars, an increase of 1300 times in one year.

With the constant and rapid volatility of the digital currency rates, it is advisable initially, in the case of investing in digital currencies to start the investor in small amounts initially and monitor the market and prices on a daily basis to take the decision to sell or buy in a timely manner. We monitor you for the latest digital currencies that are investable:

Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Nem, Stellar, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, IOTA, Qtum, Etherium Classic, Zcash, Lisk, Verge.

In the following analysis, we provide traders with the best tips for a successful trading in digital currencies by identifying the currency support team, making sure they are supported by others, their previous experience in investing in the currency, and how much the currency has achieved. Set your goal of trading in a particular currency and make sure it meets your needs. Track the path the currency takes, and its developer team to discover its future success. Pay attention to the actual market value of the currency and be careful not to fall into the trap of false values launched by some.

The actual market value of some currencies:

Monero: The market volume of the currency is $5.95 billion US and is characterized by privacy. All customer information is encrypted from withdrawal and deposit, and although it is anonymous, it is the confidentiality of information that gives it great fame, that until the breakthrough group, which is called the ransom virus, were demanding a ransom from the currency of Monroe for the difficulty of tracking the authorities.

New Coin: The market value of the currency is $5.86 billion US, the origin of the currency China, and is the currency opposite the Etherium, and the new currency has a promising future in the long term.

Cardano: The market value of the currency is $20.21 billion US, and the developers believe that the currency will compete strongly for the Etherium currency. It started to emerge in 2015 and was able to compete vigorously to become one of the 10 most popular digital currencies in terms of volume. From the development to reach the level of smart platforms, so the future of investment is promising.

Ripple: Its market volume reached $95.45 billion US and is being developed by a team of developers led by developer Ryan Figer. Ripple has developed a link between the trading exchange and Western Union, a range through which all currencies can be traded, including Bitcoin.

We have learned about the future of investing in digital currencies. We got to know the most famous currencies and their market values. We gave traders a number of tips for a successful trading session to avoid the traders' losses due to excessive valuations in currency values.