How do I start trading in Forex?

This is one of the most important questions that you find in front of you, often with no Newbie wants to enter the field of trading in the Forex market. And even give you an answer on that question should impress upon here on a very important point.

The Forex market is a commercial and investment field that requires fatigue, care and knowledge. It is not considered a treasure or an oil well, so it is gold, sapphire and coral. All you got and invaded your minds from brilliant advertisements for fabulous gains, income multiples and other things you should ignore as a first step in the world of Forex.

The Forex market is a commercial and investment field that requires fatigue, care and knowledge. It is not considered a treasure or an oil well. We will know gold, sapphires and coral. All you got and invaded your minds from brilliant advertisements for fabulous gains, income multiples and other things you should ignore as a first step in the world of Forex.

As for the answer to this question, the beginning is summarized in several things: the registration of personal data in any forum or page specialized in the field of Forex, follow up and read all information related to Forex as much as possible. Write important notes in a side sheet, attend any seminar or training course on Forex in your country or in a regional conference. If this is not possible, you can attend courses online.

Starting with choosing a company that offers trading in the Forex market and subscribing to a simple account, training for at least a week in a demo account and the availability of this demo account from the terms of your choice of the company you are contracting with. Most companies offer this account for free. Start trading in very calculated steps and simple operations, the first steps in the world of professionalism and gain experience.

What is a demo account?

The demo account is a very similar account to the real account of the person on the global Forex network, all the difference that the amount of capital is not real and the amount of default you are using it for trading and trading without fear of losing and at the same time the gain does not get it is the account Imaginary. The advantage of using this account is that you train more realistically on the same system you will be trading on afterwards. This brings you more experience and more friction with the trading system and thus corrupt the methods and data and know how to use them and how you can get your tools well. As for the negative side of this demo account is that it does not train you to control the psychological matters which play a key role in trading the Forex market. Trading with an account that teaches you that the money is not real isolates you from anxiety, fear and hesitation, but trading with an account when you know the money is not real isolates you from worry and fear and hesitation but real account trading and when the money is yours will make these feelings haunt in the first period and tire you while trying containing it in a way which does not affect your decisions to trade.

How do I choose the best company?

Many things are involved in choosing the best and most appropriate company involved in getting the opportunity to trade in paper currency or Forex. Of these things: the company's reputation and its history and experience within the market, investments and funds that are traded through this company and you have the right to ask employees about it.

Does the company provide any service to the client in addition to allowing trading on the Forex network?

Some companies offer technical advice to their customers. This is very useful for beginners, and some companies offer a reduced training service. Many companies offer a free trial account to all their clients with large capital, so they can train well. Some companies offer additional bonus on each investment of the customer through them.

Is the company trading through the main trading platform for the Forex market directly or through a platform of the company itself?

the most suitable for beginner traders is the side platform, and the most suitable for the experts is, with no doubt, the open platform. The level of technical and technical support provided by the company and this subject can be confirmed by asking a number of friends who had a previous experience with this company, or by searching for any information about this company on the forums on the Internet, and through a visit to the headquarters of the company made by yourself and best take with you a friend more experienced than you. There is a limited number of companies offering this service and others do not offer it to its customers.

Is Forex trading forbidden? Is trade and trading in currencies considered taboo religious?

To answer this question, we read all the fatwas that came out of Al-Azhar Mosque, which is one of the largest sources of fatwa in the Islamic world as a whole, and what we found exists and is available on the Internet and you can search for it easily.

But we will clarify it more and simplify it for beginners, and we will do it through a few points, currency trading is a kind of trade, the difference between them and any other trade that the commodity that is sold and bought here and the deals are a currency. In the field of Forex, you have the value of a certain capital of a particular currency, and what you do is to invest this amount in the purchase or sale of other currencies have values change at every moment according to the events of global markets and the movement of the global economy.

Trading the paper currencies or the Forex market is not a person with permanent gain or permanent loss, but the market has all the possibilities and depends on the knowledge of the person and his experience of trade and this type specifically, and the proportion of luck is not more than 2%. It is not a kind of gambling, for example. The field of Forex is governed by international treaties and treaties. It is an open market and all its information is available and not exclusive to anyone and does not prevent anyone. All conditions of transparency are fully available and there is no haram suspicion.

The part that is flammable according to the law of the Muslims is the partial of the margin. It is a detailed part played by some companies, which is part of the profit for the benefit of the company and see the scholars that this margin carries a kind of security or suspicion. Therefore, some companies operating in the Islamic countries offer a kind of account called the Islamic system which is identical to other trading systems, but without partial margin. * You can even reassure your heart by asking the Fatwa Committee of one of the largest Islamic institutions in your country and make sure of these things.

What are the factors upon which the gain is based?

Experts and professionals in the Forex market have put several factors based on which a beginner in the field of Forex can earn and maintain. These factors are: Learn Forex well whether through direct attendance in corporate training courses, or through interactive courses on the Internet and both are available in our Arab region and around the world. Commitment to the rules of success in trading in Forex, which is kept by everyone who enters the field and personal rules include patience, commitment, accuracy, care, greed, and not to worry as much as possible. The simple gain that accumulates is much better than the search for a big gain with one stroke and this golden rule will recognize them over time. Mastering trading strategies is very important. Need to pay attention to the implementation of strategies to protect against losses, which is more than a strategy. The importance of using the strategy of protection of profits and preservation of the basics for beginners and must be mastery and training.

Q: Can you uncover the secrets of Forex?

One of the phrases you will hear from many of the people who are trading in the field of Forex is that Forex carries a few secrets, which if known and trained by a person well will be able to achieve success and achieve profits in an excellent manner. These secrets are not hidden in treasure far from the hands of beginners. These secrets lie in the training courses and trading strategies, the most important corner of their success with you is training for a sufficient time. And the best training you can get in the trading strategies of the free trial account offered by the company you contract with. Examples of trading strategies for beginners the strategies of the use of the minimum and maximum gain or loss Limit is based on the determination of two points above and below the starting point depends on the order to continue the process. Depending on whether the stock stops at the top or bottom point, you have either achieved a limited gain or loss. And some people underestimate the importance of this strategy, although it is one of the most important strategies that are suitable for beginners and the relevance of limited experience. And have a very important role in maintaining the scaling of any loss God forbid within certain limits. And its only disadvantages are that it also avoids the size of the gain in case it is achieved. I think if we assume that the trades of beginners are small, the application of such a strategy is not problematic at all. The size of the gain in all circumstances is small, but the most important at this stage is to limit and control the probability of loss.

Q: How do you prepare yourself for trading in Forex?

As for the necessary configuration for a person to trade in the Forex market it is divided into two parts. We talked about the first part in previous articles, which is partial education and training on the demo account and reading many topics about different trading strategies and other things. The other part of preparing a person to trade in Forex is psychological preparation. The psychological state of the person and his psychological stability is a key factor in his success in achieving the gain in trading. When we learn the first steps in the forex field, we realize that the basis of the trading process is the right decision in time. And when the decision and timing is a psychological issue in the first place requires several things must be well-aware of: Always be careful to clear your mind completely when you start trading Forex. Here we mean the trading period itself. Be sure to sit in a computer in a calm, stable, cheerful and clean, it is self-comforting and stable. Stay away from trading if you have a psychological crisis or have a fight with anyone, whether at work or at home. Train yourself well on emotional stability and there are youth courses that offer such exercises. Make sure your decision is thoughtful and not hasty and do not make your decision part of a reaction or rush to compensate for a previous loss. Loss is part of the trade and must be psychologically accepted more stable and more accommodating and work hard to reduce and reduce. The slow and long-term gain is much better and evidence of your experience and professionalism.

Sure, you are looking for Forex tips as long as you read this article, so we are witnessing an invasion of some of the ads on the web pages, so you want to open a site or browsing until you see an announcement in which one person to announce a quick and good way to earn and profit without the need for work, It is amazing that you can start with a small amount quickly. This announcement, which I think many of us have noticed is called "Forex Trading," a currency trading and trading market that has seen tremendous growth over the Internet in very short periods. This may be due to the great momentum of advertising and advertising that has promoted this market. The reason is also love and thirst for human beings for quick and rich profit, and it may be a meeting of the two reasons is what led to it. Of course, the Forex market exists but as other markets and types of trade may meet the real and good and bad, and here on the wish to start such a cautious trade. As any other type of trade there are reasons that may lead to success, and there may be some reasons for its failure, which is why we're giving some Forex tips that help to succeed in this market and avoid loss.

What is Forex market?

Quite simply, Forex is foreign exchange trading and currently is the largest financial market in the world, which daily deliberations earnings approaching $3 trillion.

Contents of Forex tips for success in this trade 1:1 using weekly chart 1:2 not doing much trading operations 1:3 raise risk for getting any distinctive trading 1:4 not to conduct business transactions at one time 1:5 determine the profit to your trade 1:6 building strategies the way 1:7 use enough leverage.

7 Forex Tips for Success in this Trade:

  1. Using the weekly chart of the means that can be used for the purposes of progress in the Forex trading and development and to achieve success is by using the weekly chart, the purpose of the use is to get a clearer picture of the direction of stocks, or downwards or if they tend to stabilize, these trends will be more obvious to the trader in this case if the misuse of the weekly chart is better than relying on memory or other means, and at the same time it is fixed that this method is more useful for traders on the long run and is able to help them to assess whether it is in determining the levels of support for the process or resistance of other processes, so it is best for each novice in the form of the particular in this area begin to deal with these fees.
  2. Do not carry out many trading, contrary to what is believed that doing many trades and multiple may mean success and cover the failure rates that may occur, especially in the currency trading hard in general this belief in many traders and the builder and based on the number of trading times, in fact, it is not true because the Forex market fluctuates and needs the right time to make the right decision for this and with the importance of risk and risk in such a market, but it is also necessary to exercise caution, calculated risk.
  3. Raising the risk ratio for any trade. What is the recommended risk rate? It is common practice in the Forex market that many specialists advise that the risk ratio when trading is not more than 2% of the general account, but in fact This is not true at all. Risk of this percentage is usually recommended for large and huge account holders. Account holders are not large. The risk ratio can reach 10% and may rise to 20%. As we said before, risk is always required in business, but it should be fraught. Science and study and be calculated. This is essential in Forex tips.
  4. Do not conduct business transactions at the same time If the trader has many accounts, it is better not to do a lot of business operations at the same time, but to divide the time it does such operations, so that each process on the end and the purpose of this matter is the focus on his process and not distracting him in this regard. The root of every job is the ability to focus to get good results from work.
  5. Determining the profit target for private trading Usually at a trader's level of loss or loss scale is the measure on which they depend for the purpose of stopping and trading, this is a valid measure, but it is best to determine the level at which the trading process depends on the profit scale, Beyond the profit may lead to loss, it is best to reach the trader to the ability to control the process of trading upon reaching a certain profit, and this is one of the simplest tips for Forex.
  6. Build appropriate strategies for new forex traders to build strategy for the trading process, which may be strategies that have not been worked out before and similar to what the older traders do and remains one of the most important factors used within any strategy is the analytical tools used to determine the direction, analytical methods should not be biased to be complex. It is often preferable to rely on two or three methods. This use may be the best in predicting the direction of stocks, despite its simplicity.
  7. Use sufficient leverage is one of the most important tips of Forex leverage, also known as margin trading, leverage is borrowing money in the course of trade which could be rolling from making deals with a value greater than the original amount you deposited thus leverage allows the trader That great deals to invest small amount of money. It is noteworthy that leverage enables you to get big profits but if not, the loss amount not exceeding the amount of the original deposit. Each Forex broker on determining the value of leverage to use. The very high leverage can be against the dealer or broker used by the parent, should be based on the size of the account. For this small account holders to use the loader to be able to help them overcome and stand against currency fluctuations. Even large account holders can use cranes, it would mean more flexibility but disadvantages that losses may be higher, so if you are a beginner in this field you must of course start with the lowest value of leverage.