Risk Management

There is no doubt about the fact that the forex market is full of risk and possibilities of losses , which may not be suitable for all investors, that’s why we highly recommend not investing in money that you can’t lose, therefore, when investing you must weigh your goals, experience level and willingness to take risks. Risks involved in Forex trading include :

Risks of investing in CFDs

CFDS Withstand very high level of risk, especially with high leverage, and to various CFDs providers their drawings and their conditions and their judgments.

Limited timing risk

Limited timing risk affects the ability of the investor to trade. It is the lack of CFD risk traded in time you want (whether for loss prevention, or for profit).

Implementation risks

Implementation risks associated with the fact that transactions may not always be immediate. There may be a time lag between the moment of placing an offer and the moment of execution.

Online trading risks

There are risks associated with the use of online trading systems to execute trades. In particular but not limited to hardware and system crashes, and connect to the Internet. We are not responsible for communication failures, or jams them or delays when trading online.

Client approval

The customer acknowledges and declares that he has read and understood the conditions , and he agrees to them:

  • The financial tool value may decrease, and the investor might receive less money than the original amount invested, or may get high fluctuations on the value of financial instruments.
  • Past performance information does not guarantee financial instrument and/or future performance, using historical data does not constitute a definite expectations or safe for the return of the future, as well as return to data futures counterpart.
  • Some financial instruments may not be available immediately for various reasons such as lower demand, the company may not be in a position to sell the financial instruments easily or get information about its value, the severity of any matter related to these financial instruments.
  • When a financial instrument is negotiated in exchange for currency of customer’s country of residence, any change in the exchange rate may have a negative impact on the value of financial instruments and their price.