Chamber of Commerce

Alhalal Capital's Chamber of Commerce offers trading, certification and commercial services to its subscribers with operational efficiency using the latest technical methods and programs. The Chamber strives to provide quality services by providing efficient, efficient and efficient services through the available funds and renewable technologies to achieve the aspirations of its customers through strategies studied by experienced experts and analysts in the international markets. The Chamber also aims to:

  • Gain more investors.
  • Achieve the highest profitability in Global Portfolios.
  • Enhance the principle of partnership with the Chambers of Commerce's departments.
  • Strengthen the financial capabilities of the private sector to make them financially available.
  • Follow up the continuous changes affecting the service providers.
  • Developing branches and increasing their activities to serve the customers in their countries.
  • It opened channels of communication to subscribers to measure the value of satisfaction towards the level of services provided.
  • Training and qualification of human cadres to increase the efficiency of their productivity and increase their skills to provide excellent services.
  • Focus on providing e-services.

Online services:

Membership management services will be activated after the activation of the real account, which includes the following electronic services:

  • Updating investment portfolio data.
  • Request for the addition of a Commissioner.
  • Request revocation of Commissioner.
  • Request the investor's personal data.
  • Integration with electronic payment system.

About the Women Sector:

The Chamber of Commerce in Alhalal Capital has initiated the establishment of an administration that is interested in carrying out its tasks starting from the year by improving the working environment available to businesswomen in terms of regular and legislative, and creating more opportunities for employment and investment, Environments suitable for the nature and privacy of women, through cooperation with the company.

The department works on all aspects related to serving the businesswomen from the procedures of participation and the ratification of transactions as well as renewing the membership of the room, and organizes several events that contribute to the development of leadership and technical expertise to explore more opportunities for commercial and investment, both domestic and foreign, and commensurate with their nature.